Sadhguru, What is the purpose of life? Why has God created us?


These questions What is the purpose of life? Why did God put us here? keep coming up again and again. Perhaps, you want to find God and hang him!

Fundamentally, what you are asking is: why creation? The same question keeps coming in so many different ways. When it comes to creation, you never ask why, because you are just a tiny speck in this creation. In the arrangements that you have made as a human being, I know you slowly started assuming that, in many ways, you are the center of the universe. But that is not the truth; you are just a tiny speck in the Existence. Tomorrow morning, if you disappear, nobody will miss you.

So, this tiny speck asking the question: ‘Why creation,’ does not make sense because the question doesn’t come from the right context. This question comes up because somewhere the experience of life has not become blissful. If the experience of life had become blissful, you would not ask. Somewhere existing here has become a struggle and a pain.

The question comes up because there is an inner struggle. Maybe you are not hundred percent aware of the struggle, but here and there it touches you. So now, the more intelligent question for you would be: How do I get beyond this struggling state? If you ask how, I have a way. If you ask why, then I have to tell you a story.

If you want I can tell you one right now. One day, Shiva had nothing to do and he was playing marbles – nobody else, no company. One marble fell this way and it became planet Earth. Another one shot up and it became the Sun; I can go on like this. Now you won’t believe this ridiculous story. But if I make the story more elaborate, and if the story is not told today, but a thousand years ago, you would believe it. You don’t believe anything that happens today, but you will believe it after a thousand years. It doesn’t matter what it is.

So, I said, A thousand years would believe the story. Stories don’t liberate you. Stories just equip you to speak with some sense of authority in the next dinner party you are invited to. It won’t liberate you in any way. So when it comes to Existence, don’t waste your life asking the question, ‘why?’ Because if you sit here for the rest of your life and go on thinking ‘why’, or consult every other person on this planet, all you will get is more and more fairy tales; you will not get a solution. If you are intelligent, you can see it right now. Different cultures will tell different stories; different religions will tell different stories; every individual can create his own story. Stories will not liberate you. But if you ask ‘how’, then we open up the path, we give you the method. Don’t ask why.